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Empowering Indie Creators to Bring their Stories to Life!

Be it a tabletop or digital game, book or comic, we will make it stand out and leave its mark. Because being small doesn't mean you don't have something important to say!




At 1sickPuppy, we help indie creators map out their vision with precision. Our strategy services guide you through every step, from initial concept to market launch. We’re here to ensure your game, book, or comic achieves its full potential with a clear, actionable plan that aligns with your goals and audience. Let's turn your big ideas into reality together!


Branding & Design


Your game deserves a memorable identity. 1sickPuppy's Game Branding & Design service crafts unique visuals and compelling narratives that make your game stand out. From logos to character designs, we blend creativity with strategy to build a brand that resonates. We're passionate about bringing your vision to life in a way that captures attention and hearts alike.

Provided services

  • Logo Design

  • Character Design

  • World-building Art

  • Key Art and Illustrations

  • Branding Guidelines

  • Minisite design & development

  • Packaging Design

  • UI Theme Development

  • Promotional Artwork

  • Merchandise Design

  • Concept Art

  • Storyboarding




Get your game the recognition it deserves with 1sickPuppy's Game Marketing services. We develop customized marketing plans that connect you with your target audience, boost your online presence, and drive engagement. From social media campaigns to influencer partnerships, we use every tool at our disposal to ensure your game gets the spotlight it deserves.

Provided services

  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Creation and Management

  • Press Releases and Media Outreach

  • Email Marketing

  • Community Building and Management

  • Paid Advertising Campaigns

  • Public Relations Strategy

  • Website Design and Maintenance




A great game needs a great user experience. At 1sickPuppy, our UX/UI services focus on creating intuitive, engaging, and visually stunning interfaces that enhance player enjoyment. We work closely with you to understand your game's unique needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every player. Let's make your game a joy to play!


Crowdfunding Support


Ready to take your project to the next level? 1sickPuppy's Crowdfunding Support helps you build a compelling campaign that attracts backers and funding. From crafting persuasive pitches to designing eye-catching reward tiers, we guide you through the entire process. Together, we’ll turn your crowdfunding dreams into reality and give your project the launch it deserves.

Provided services

  • Campaign Strategy Development

  • Platform Selection Guidance

  • Pitch Video Production

  • Campaign Page Design

  • Reward Tier Planning

  • Copywriting for Campaign Page

  • Regular Updates and

  • Communication Plan

  • Budget Planning




Need expert advice? 1sickPuppy's Consulting services offer personalized guidance for your indie project. Whether you're facing a tricky challenge or need a fresh perspective, our experienced team is here to help. We provide actionable insights and practical solutions, tailored to your unique needs. Let's solve your problems and unlock new opportunities together!


Small Scale Publishing


Bring your indie game, book, or comic to life with 1sickPuppy's Small Scale Publishing. We specialize in helping independent creators get their work out into the world, offering a personal touch and dedicated support every step of the way. Throughout all phases of production, we make publishing a breeze. Let’s share your story with the world!

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