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The Idea


What if small indie games had a way to reach bigger audiences?

These days, there are so many creative content offerings out there, that is easy for indie projects to slip through the cracks. How can we make people care about our story and notice it in the crowd?

This is where 1sickPuppy comes in. We believe in the power of unique voices and untold stories. Our mission is to amplify those voices, giving indie creators the tools and support they need to shine.

From crafting compelling brands and engaging marketing strategies to offering crowdfunding support and consulting, we’re dedicated to helping you break through the noise. At 1sickPuppy, we’re passionate about making your project stand out and connect with the audience it deserves.

The People

Spiros Drakatos

Founder / Creative Director

By now I have been a designer and some kind of artist for more years than not! Since the beginning it was all about telling stories, or at least making people think about them.

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